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Dyson Renewed

Recycled. Refurbished. Renewed.
Engineered to solve real problems. Built to last in real homes. And now expertly renewed to continue performing in your home (along with a few bumps and grazes).

Refurbished Dyson machines with accessories and recyclable packaging.

High performance with a lower impact

Our machines are built to last, which minimises the need for them to be replaced or recycled. Refurbishing a machine increases its lifetime, reducing the need for new parts and raw materials.

A Dyson vacuum disassembled.

What goes into a Dyson Renewed machine

  • Tested certified

    All Dyson Renewed machines are meticulously inspected, fully serviced and tested to ensure they meet our quality standard.

  • Guarantee and Expert support

    Our one-year Dyson guarantee applies to each refurbished machine. For any questions, a Dyson Expert will offer immediate online support.

  • Cleaned and sanitised

    All surfaces and machine attachments are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised, and fitted with genuine replacement parts where needed.

  • Brand-new recyclable packaging

    All Dyson Renewed machines are packaged in a brand-new recyclable box. Secured for damage-free transit, and efficient for minimal waste.

How Dyson Renewed works

Pioneering Dyson technology, refurbished by our dedicated team of experts. Inspected, hygienically cleaned, tested, and renewed. Guaranteed to our uncompromising standards.

A refurbished vacuum being cleaned by a Dyson expert.


Machine condition explained

Dyson Renewed machines have been expertly serviced and hygienically cleaned. We test every machine to ensure it performs to our uncompromising standards. Any imperfections are purely cosmetic and can range from micro scratches and light scuffs to more visible marks, or discolouration to paint finishes and surfaces.

How the Dyson Renewed process works

  • 1. Carefully inspected

  • 2. Expertly cleaned and tested

  • 3. Renewed with genuine parts

  • 4. Quality checked and certified


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Air purifiers and fans

Dyson refurbished

Removes dust, allergens, virus and gases. Destroys formaldehyde continuously.

Was $999.00 $619.00 Save $380.00
Dyson refurbished

Removes dust, allergens, virus and gases. Destroys formaldehyde continuously.

Was $999.00 $619.00 Save $380.00
Dyson refurbished

Removes dust, allergens, virus and gases.

Was $899.00 $529.00 Save $370.00

Hair care

Vacuum cleaners

Dyson refurbished

Powerful and lightweight

Up to 40 mins of runtime.

1 cleaner head, 7 extra tools.

Was $599.00 $459.00 Save $140.00
Dyson refurbished

Engineered to deep clean, anywhere.

Up to 60 mins of runtime.

2 cleaner heads, 5 extra tools.

Currently out of stock
Was $999.00 $599.00 Save $400.00

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Dyson refurbished

Powerful and compact

Up to 60 mins of runtime.

2 cleaner heads, 6 extra tools.

Was $869.00 $669.00 Save $200.00

Dyson Renewed FAQs

These are certified refurbished machines that have been previously sold by Dyson and returned.

Each machine is hygienically deep cleaned, tested, and inspected to meet the Dyson quality standard. Genuine Dyson parts are used where replacements are needed.

Unfortunately, refurbished machines and machines identified as final sale cannot be returned and are final sale.

Yes, all refurbished machines are covered by the Dyson warranty for one year.

  • A person using a Dyson vacuum to clean the floor.

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