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Share your thoughts and receive a gift

  • Gift with review

    20 best reviewers monthly will receive a limited edition
    Dyson Singapore tote bag

  • Timeline

    Program ends Mon, 31 Oct 2022

Review steps

  • Step 1

    Select your machine below and leave a review of it. Tell us about your experience and what you liked about it. (scroll down for tips on what makes a good review)

  • Step 2

    Reviewers with the most detailed and informative reviews will receive an email from us at the end of the month to verify their email address and product purchase, followed by instructions and how to redeem their gift.

  • Step 3

    Head down to our Dyson Demo Store to collect your gift.

    Address: 13 Stamford Road Capitol Piazza #01-15/16/24/25 Singapore 178905
    Opening times: Mon - Sun, 10am - 10pm

    What makes a good review?
  • Be informative and insightful
  • Include details of your experience with our machine
  • Provide useful, constructive feedback so others can make informed purchases
  • You may also comment on our service, delivery, etc.
  • Keep things friendly and courteous

    Terms and conditions
  • Reviews written may be used in marketing, advertisements and/or publicity materials without notice
  • Participation in only valid once for each machine reviewed
  • Selection of best reviews are subject to internal Dyson standards and is final
  • Dyson reserves the right to withdraw, terminate or amend the terms of this program at any time. Availability of "gifts" are limited, while stocks last.