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Dyson Zone™ Absolute+ headphones with air purification (Prussian Blue/Bright Copper)
New launch | Direct only

Dyson Zone™ Absolute+ headphones with air purification (Prussian Blue/Bright Copper)

Dyson Zone™ Absolute+ headphones with air purification (Prussian Blue/Bright Copper)

Pure Dyson audio with advanced noise cancellation. Engineered for ultra-low distortion.

Filters remove viruses1, gases2 and 99% of pollutants as small as 0.1 microns3

Contact-free visor attaches to channel purified air

Connect to the MyDyson™ app for real-time environment updates

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  • Technology inside headphones ear cup.

    Engineered for ultra-low distortion

    Intelligent signal processing combined with active noise cancellation reduces distortion – ensuring realistic, detailed audio.

  • Microphones inside headphones ear cup.

    Advanced noise cancelling

    Eight active noise cancelling microphones monitor surrounding noise 384,000 times a second, cancelling background noise. With two additional microphones for telephony and transparency systems.

  • Exploded filter from headphones ear cup.

    Purified air, anywhere

    Electrostatic filters capture viruses1 and 99% of ultrafine particulates.3 Activated carbon filters remove fumes such as nitrogen dioxide2 and reduce odours.

  • A person wearing Dyson Zone headphones with air purification as pollution is drawn into filters.

    Contact-free visor supplies purified air

    It channels a continuous stream of purified air to your nose and mouth, without touching your face. For hygienic air delivery and comfortable breathing.

Image is for illustration of airflow only.


  • 50 hours audio only run time

    Up to 50 hours ANC audio only, or up to 4 hours purification4 + ANC audio. Auto on-off to save energy when not in use.

  • The MyDyson app on a smartphone.

    Connects for a richer experience

    Track your air quality, adjust EQ levels, and monitor battery and filter life with the MyDyson app.5

  • Auto-adjusts to your activity level

    Built-in accelerometer adjusts airflow for changes in your activity level.

  • Man wearing Dyson Zone headphones with air purification.

    Engineered for comfort

    Soft cushioned, micro-suede lined ear cups seal in sound and seal out noise. Headband and contact-free visor adjusts for a comfortable fit.

  • Joystick on the back of one of the ear cups.

    Touch and voice control

    Bluetooth connectivity and fingertip controls let you call hands-free, access your voice assistant, and manage sounds and airflow on the move.

  • Man wearing Dyson Zone headphones with air purification with visor attached.

    Magnetic visor

    Easily detaches and reattaches for cleaning and headphones-only use.

  • Woman wearing Dyson Zone headphones with air purification.

    Crystal-clear calls

    Beamforming and noise-cancelling microphones enable clear calls in noisy environments.

  • Woman wearing Dyson Zone headphones with air purification in Conversation mode with visor flipped down.

    Conversation mode

    Visor flips down for Conversation mode, instantly pausing audio and airflow.

Download the MyDyson™ app


A little routine maintenance keeps your headphones with air purification performing as they should.

  • Attachable contact-free visor

    Your visor is engineered to be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth. Leave to dry before re-attaching.

  • Filter replacement

    The MyDyson™ app displays remaining filter life, and notifies you when they need replacing.5 This varies depending on air quality. A pulsing pink LED on the ear cup also shows when it's time to replace the filters.

Frequently asked questions

Deliveries will begin from 3 May. Pre-orders are now open till 2nd May. All orders received till 2nd May 5pm will get delivered on 3rd May.

Please only head down to the stores from 3 May onwards, after you receive the email that your order is available for pick-up!

The Dyson Zone is limited to one machine per order.

Your complete order will only be delivered from 3 May. This applies to Click & Collect orders as well. If you are wishing to buy another machines with the Dyson Zone, please do so in separate orders so that your other machine gets delivered sooner.

The visor can be wiped clean, as can the full product. The ear cushions are removable if required.

Both the visor and headband can be adjusted for best fit. The Dyson Zone™ headphones with air purification have been relentlessly tested in development for different head and face geometries.

The three ANC modes are Isolation mode, Conversation mode and Transparency mode. Isolation mode provides the highest level of active noise cancellation to deliver a rich, immersive audio experience – for example when you might need to concentrate on the task at hand. Conversation mode automatically activates when you dip the visor – turning purification off to conserve battery power and amplify the conversation. Transparency mode enables greater awareness of your surroundings, by boosting audio frequencies so you can hear while wearing the product.

The lifetime of your filters will depend on the level of air pollution they are exposed to. Your MyDyson™ app will let you know when your filters need changing.5

The Dyson Zone™ headphones with air purification deliver purified air to the wearer’s nose and mouth and adjust to the level of your physical activity. They can be used when taking part in some light exercise like power walking. We don't recommend wearing them for any strenuous or fast paced exercise or for any sports that could cause them to become damaged.

The auto on/off function works by placing the machine into an idle state when removed by the user, to conserve energy. When using the idle function, the headphones will still use battery power and if left for long periods will need charging as the battery will be low. To take the headphones with air purification out of idle mode simply place them back onto your head.

User Guide

Read your user guide online or download a copy.



  • Height 200 mm
  • length 210 mm
  • Width 240 mm
  • Weight 670 g
  • Warranty 2-year

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New launch | Direct only
  • Advanced noise cancellation. Engineered for low distortion.
  • Contact-free visor attaches to supply purified air when you need it
  • 4 x Electrostatic carbon filters

    Dyson Zone™ headphones with air purification electrostatic and carbon filters. Your MyDyson™ App will let you know when they need replacing.

  • USB-C

    1.5m-long dual tone braided USB-C cable to charge your Dyson Zone™ headphones with air purification.

  • Visor sleeve

    Soft microfibre sleeve. Neatly stores and protects your visor from dirt and scratches.

  • Visor cleaning brush

    Nylon bristled visor cleaning brush, to remove dust and dirt.

  • Explorer case

    Carry case to protect and store your Dyson Zone™ headphones with air purification when travelling. Mould injected, and cushioned with soft fabric. With a shoulder strap so it’s easy to carry.

  • Soft pouch

    Soft microfibre pouch. Neatly store and protect your Dyson Zone™ headphones with air purification from dirt and scratches. With drawstring closure and internal pocket.

  • In-flight adaptor kit

    2-pin flight adaptor to connect your Dyson Zone™ headphones with air purification to most airline entertainment systems. With charging port to allow simultaneous charging.

Prussian blue/Bright copper - Selected colour Ultra Blue/Prussian Blue

1 Filters tested against the viruses influenza A (H1N1) and MS-2 bacteriophage by independent third-party laboratory. Filters not tested with coronavirus. Tests showed removal of viruses >99.9%. Real-life efficacy may vary depending on usage conditions.
2 Filter tested in an external lab (NO2, SO2, Ozone) in a laboratory setting (3m³ chamber at 23C and 50% RH) at max air flow setting. Capture rates may differ depending on real life usage.
3 Filter efficiency tested to ISO 29463 adapted at max flow setting by an independent third-party laboratory. Capture rates may differ depending on real life usage.
4 In low flow mode with Bluetooth on. Tested in a Dyson internal laboratory at 21 degrees Celsius. Performance may vary depending on environmental conditions and usage.
5 App functionality requires a data connection. Standard data and messaging rates may apply. Your mobile device must have Bluetooth™ [4.0] support for telephony connection. For iOS or Android version compatibility please check Dyson website.
6 Community is not a medical face mask and is not intended to be used as personal protective equipment (PPE).
Image is for illustration of airflow only.