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Celebrate the Festival of Lights with the Deepavali Challenge Cards from the James Dyson Foundation

8 November 2023

This Deepavali, celebrate the Festival of Lights with your loved ones by exploring the popular engineering challenges from the James Dyson Foundation.

Developed by a team of Dyson engineers, the festive-themed challenge cards aim to share the significance of Deepavali through fun and interactive STEM-based activities, providing an opportunity for children to develop critical thinking skills and promote creativity.

The Deepavali Challenge Cards are available for download on the James Dyson Foundation website.

  • Geometric Kolam Art

    Kolam, consisting of geometrical and floral patterns, is a form of traditional decorative art. During the festival, Hindus create Kolam using coloured rice flour at the doorstep of their houses.

    Let’s make colourful Kolam art by drawing simple geometric shapes and decorating them with coloured rice!

  • Spinning Murukku

    Ranging from sweet to savoury, the murukku is an all-time favourite snack that is eaten during the festival.

    Inspired by the classic Deepavali snack, this challenge shows how helical shapes interact with the air!

  • Deepavali Density

    During the festive season, people wear bright colours and adorn their homes with beautiful and colourful decorations.

    Create an assembly of your favourite colours and learn about the science behind this activity.

About the James Dyson Foundation

The James Dyson Foundation’s work encourages aspiring engineers and problem solvers, to apply their knowledge and discover new ways to improve lives through technology.

Founded in 2002, the James Dyson Foundation aims to encourage aspiring engineers and problem solvers to apply their knowledge and discover new ways to improve lives through technology. To date, James Dyson and the James Dyson Foundation have donated over £140m to charitable causes globally, and $1m Singapore dollars was also donated to the Singapore University of Technology and Design to build the Dyson-SUTD studios, which opened in December. It is a space for students to work in a multidisciplinary environment, mentored by Dyson engineers, as well as a local space for schools to participate in engineering workshops.

At school level, the James Dyson Foundation offers prototyping workshops and provides free educational resources.

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