Dyson Pure Cool Me™ personal air purifier fan (Gunmetal/Copper) Reviews

Overall rating
4.55% of 5
4.55% of 5
Reviewed on 12/9/2019

Breath of PURE, COOL air


The onset of haze was an opportune time for me to get the new Dyson Pure Cool Me. This is an air purifier and a personal fan- built into one. I am in love with its sleek design ...
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and all the well thought through functions.
A typical pedestal fan simply blows the air in the room. This air can in our homes can be dirty – full of pollutants and fine dust. But, the Dyson Pure Cool Me, purifies this air first and then blows it out with precision. It has highly effective HEPA filters that trap all the baddies in the air. Filter cleaning is so simple! I was surprized to see the amount of dust it collected in just a few days.
I placed my Dyson Pure Cool Me on the bedside table. At night, I use the oscillation function that allows pure air to spread around the room. Even at max level 10, the noise level does not bother my sleep (and I am a light sleeper).

In summary, the Dyson Pure Cool Me is a must have. I see an improvement in my allergies and sleep much better too. I would highly recommend it to my friends and family.

Cool with purified air. Not dirty air.

Our personal purifier fan is engineered to help improve your air quality. It projects cooling, filtered air – wherever you need it.

A woman reads to her son, next to a Dyson personal purifier fan

Homes can be up to 7X more polluted than the air outside1

Everyday items in our homes release potentially harmful microscopic particles. Our sealed filters help remove them from the air around you.

Man working in a home office, surrounded by sources of indoor air pollution
  • Bacteria and mould spores

    Bacteria and mould spores


  • Household fumes and cooking

    Household fumes and cooking


  • Pollen and allergens

    Pollen and allergens


  • Ultrafine particles

    Ultrafine particles


Captures gases and pollutants. And keeps them trapped.

The machine's sealed filter combines an activated carbon and glass HEPA layer. Together, they capture gases and 99.95% of ultrafine particles from the air.2

Dyson HEPA and activated carbon purifier filters

Focused airflow, at your fingertips

Precisely control your airflow. By adjusting the dome's position, you can angle the flow higher or lower.

Hand reaching out to refocus airflow with Dyson Core Flow technology
  • Harnessing the airflow

    Harnessing the airflow

    Powerful jets of air are propelled through narrow apertures. The air travels across the convex surface of the dome.

  • High-pressure core

    High-pressure core

    The jets of air travel across the dome at high velocity. As they converge, a pressure core forms.

  • Focused projection

    Focused projection

    The jets of air are forced to steer around the high-pressure core. They coalesce to project a focused stream of purified air.

  • A comfortable night's sleep

    A comfortable night's sleep

    At night, you can set the sleep timer anywhere between 30 minutes and 8 hours. So you can keep cool and comfortable while you rest.

  • Easy filter maintenance

    Easy filter maintenance

    Built-in reminders show you when your filter needs changing. It’s quick and easy to do, to ensure your machine is always working at its best.3

  • See your machine's status

    See your machine's status

    The LCD screen shows your airflow speed, modes and filter life.

  • Smooth 70˚ oscillation

    Smooth 70˚ oscillation

    Set your machine to rotate from side to side, to deliver airflow through a 70˚ range.