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Dyson Supersonic in Topaz orange, on a heart-design background.

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Special edition Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer.
Now in Vinca blue and Rosé.

6 Colours Available

Magnetic styling attachments

Engineered to care for hair and scalp

After rigorously testing different hair types in our laboratories, we’ve engineered a range of attachments designed to style different types of hair. And because we’re constantly evolving our machines, we’ve developed a new Flyaway attachment.

Three models with different hair types using different attachments to style their hair.
Attachments and accessories for your Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer

Intelligent heat control helps protect your shine

Unlike some others, the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer measures air temperature over 40 times a second, and regulates the heat. This prevents extreme heat damage, to help protect your hair's shine.

Cutaways of the Supersonic hair dryer to demonstrate powerful airflow and intelligent heat control

Hair science

  • Healthy hair reflects light

    Extreme temperatures can make small pores appear within the strands. These scatter light in all directions, decreasing shine. The Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer's intelligent heat control helps prevent extreme heat damage. And less damaged hair reflects more light in a single direction, so hair appears shiny.

  • Close-up of coloured hair

    Heat and colour loss

    Whether your hair’s dyed or natural, high heat can change its proteins, causing the colour to fade. The Gentle air attachment can help prevent this by maintaining a lower temperature.

  • Thermal image of cooler airflow from the Genle air attachment

    Helps protect your scalp

    High heat can affect your scalp health. The Gentle air attachment is engineered to diffuse the airflow and lower the temperature by up to 20°*. So it's kinder to sensitive scalps.

Styling guides

Watch our quick, step-by-step guides to achieving your ideal style.

  • Flyaway attachment

    Learn how to use the Flyaway attachment to finish a style.

    Flyaway attachment

  • Smooth blowout

    See how to smooth and add volume to long, straight hair.

    Gentle air attachment Styling concentrator Flyaway attachment

  • Korean volumised style

    Learn how to create a straight style with natural volume for men.

    Gentle air attachmentSmoothing nozzle

  • Defined curls and waves

    Create defined curls, and add volume and shine.


  • Everyday blow dry

    Add natural volume and create flicks.

    Gentle air attachmentSmoothing nozzle Flyaway attachment

  • Textured with volume

    See how to create a textured style for men.

    Gentle air attachment

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“The new Flyaway attachment makes it super easy to achieve a salon finish at home.”

Larry King
Professional Hairdresser

Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer (Prussian blue/rich copper) Reviews

Overall rating
4.95% of 5
4.95% of 5
Reviewed on 12/12/2022

Sleek design and yet works wonder.

Raf Soundwalker

More often than not, functionality of a device is sacrificed for design. But not with the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. Design that is lightweight, pleasing to the eye and yet ...
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powerful and fast hair-drying. It doesn't get too 'hot' as most conventional hair dryers I've used before which is better on my scalp health. Got the Limited-Edition Pack and the attachments were great, easy to detach and simple to use. Kudos to the design and engineering team! I enjoyed the product very much.

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4.95% of 5
  • Fast drying. No extreme heat. Engineered to care for hair and scalp.
  • New and re-engineered attachments, including the new Flyaway attachment.
  • Choose 1 complimentary accessory worth up to $99 when you add to cart.
  • All Cardholders: Save $50 with code 'BANK50'.
  • 4 monthly instalments $174.75/ month with Grab PayLater. Available at checkout.
  • Flyaway attachment

    Our latest technology hides flyaways in one pass. For a smooth, shiny finish.

  • Gentle air attachment

    Fast yet gentle styling for fine hair and sensitive scalps.

  • Styling concentrator

    Style your hair one section at a time with precise, controlled airflow.

  • Diffuser

    Disperses air evenly to simulate natural drying, helping to reduce frizz.

  • Smoothing nozzle

    Dry and style your hair at the same time with gentle, low-velocity airflow.

Nickel/Copper - Selected colour Topaz Orange Iron/Fuchsia Fuchsia/Bright nickel Black/Nickel Vinca blue/Rosé Prussian blue/Rich copper
Choose 1 complimentary accessory from presentation case, detangling comb, 45mm barrel brush and paddle brush worth up to $99 when you add to cart.
All Cardholders: Save $50 with code 'BANK50'.

Frequently asked questions

The flyaway attachment is a tool for finishing straighter styles. It should be used only on dry and straight hair or hair that’s been straightened.

Hold the attachment at the top of your head until your hair is attracted to it. Then slowly run it down the length of your hair without pressing down on it.

Yes, new attachments are fully compatible with older versions of Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryers.

To maintain optimum performance, your Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer needs regular care and maintenance. We recommend cleaning the filter once a month. Debris should be wiped from the outer filter cage and from the inner filter mesh using a soft, dry cloth.

In salon environments filters can clog more quickly with hairspray, so it’s therefore best to purchase a Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer Professional edition where the filter has been designed to meet the needs of a busy salon. The consumer warranty doesn’t cover use in commercial environments or if it’s used for 2+ hours a day.

Your appliance may be used in a country with an electricity supply within the same range as that of where your appliance was purchased: i.e. if you purchased the product in Malaysia where the range is 220V – 240V, the product can be used in countries with that voltage range.

  • Image showing  Supersonic accessories

    Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer attachments and accessories

    Magnetic attachments, storage and styling accessories for your Dyson Supersonic™ hairdryer.

  • Image of the Dyson hair care range

    More hair care technology

    Discover the full selection of Dyson hair care - including the Dyson Airwrapᵀᴹ hair styler and Dyson Corrale™ straightener

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1For use on dry and straight[ened] hair
2vs previous Styling concentrator.