Dyson V8™ cordless stick vacuum cleaners.

Cord-Free. Hassle-Free.

Two Dyson V8 vacuum cleaners

Dyson V8™ vacuum cleaners. For powerful suction, across every floor type.

Two Dyson V8 vacuum cleaners cleaning side by side on carpet and hard floor

Spins at up to 107,000rpm. Drives the Dyson V8™ cordless vacuum.

Power, un-leashed.

The Dyson digital motor V8

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  • Powerful suction for versatile cleaning.
  • Up to 40 mins of runtime.
  • Includes 2 cleaner head, 4 accessories
Was $599.00 $549.00 Save $50.00

Dyson-engineered accessories for every cleaning task

Dyson vacuum cleaner accessories cleaning the home

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<sub> <sup>1</sup>Tested against other Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners. </sub>

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