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Dyson Styling gift set in Rosé

Styling gift set (Rosé)
Styling gift set (Rosé)
Worth $249
Dyson Styling gift set in Rosé

Enjoy the salon experience at home with Dyson hair accessories.

Unbox our brushes and comb, plus new hair clips – ergonomically engineered to be gentle on hair.

What's included?

  • 1 x Paddle brush

  • 1 x Vented barrel brush (45mm barrel)

  • 1 x Detangling comb

  • 2 x Sectioning hair clips

  • 2 x Wide hair clips

  • Presentation case

Dyson Styling gift set with five accessories.

Inside the lab

Discover the testing that goes into developing new Dyson technology. Dyson engineers Katherine, Veronica, Ben and Alex demonstrate the rigorous Kinetic Endurance test.

A Dyson engineer in a laboratory with hair mannequin wearing a Wide hair clip

Sectioning hair clip

Section hair precisely and comfortably, without marking your hair.

Silicone band increases grip while minimising creases. Rear pocket for maximum hair capacity.

A model with two Sectioning hair clips parting her hair.
  • The rear pocket of the Sectioning hair clip.

    Silicone band

    Stretches to increase grip, whilst minimising creases.

  • The handles of the Sectioning hair clip.

    Ergonomic grip

    Engineered to feel secure in the hand.

  • The edge of the Sectioning hair clip.

    Sectioning edge

    Precisely sections without causing discomfort to the scalp.

Wide hair clip

Designed to gather and hold large amounts of hair securely and comfortably.

With a wide opening angle and side teeth, for maximum hold on all hair types and thicknesses.

A model with four Wide hair clips parting her hair.
  • The Wide hair clip.

    Side teeth

    Precisely placed to hold hair of all types and densities.

  • The handles of the Wide hair clip.

    Ergonomic grip

    Engineered to feel secure in the hand.

  • The Wide hair clip open.

    Wide opening angle

    Allows for easy gathering of large amounts of hair.

Brushes and comb

Your Styling gift set includes two brushes and a comb, each purposefully designed. They combine effective styling with salon comfort for scalp, hair and hands.

Dyson Detangling comb, Vented barrel brush and Paddle brush.
  • Vented barrel brush (45mm barrel)

    Create volume and shape as you style.

    With rounded bristle tips for scalp comfort, a weighted handle for balance and a vented barrel to prevent hair from overheating.

  • Paddle brush

    Ideal for all hair types and lengths. Smooth your hair before styling or during blow drying.

    Designed for comfort – with an ergonomic handle, air-cushioned suspension and rounded bristles.

  • Detangling comb

    Detangles and lengthens all hair types, before styling. Or shapes and refines your finished style.

    Engineered with wide, polished teeth to glide easily through wet and dry hair – with minimal friction.

How to create the perfect style

See how to get the most out of Dyson technology and try something different with your styling tools.

  • Model with smooth c-curls hairstyle.

    Dyson Airwrap™ multi-styler
    Smooth c-curls

    A smooth look with Korean-inspired c-curls.

  • Model with blow dried hair.

    Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer
    Everyday blow dry

    Add natural volume and create flicks.

  • Model with curly blow out hairstyle.

    Dyson Airwrap™ multi-styler
    Curly blow out

    A glamorous finish featuring big, bold curls.

Find the Dyson hair care machine for you

Answer a few quick questions to help match your hair type and styling needs to our hair care technology.

Dyson Corrale straightener, Airwrap multi-styler and Supersonic hair dryer.