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The James Dyson Award

Wanted: Problem solvers

The James Dyson Award inspires, encourages and celebrates budding inventors' new, problem-solving ideas - and provides a platform to launch them. It runs annually, and is open to current and recently graduated design or engineering university students.

Winner of World Oceans Day stood in fish market holding the SafetyNet

Past winners

Since 2005, the James Dyson Award has supported young inventors - many of which have gone on to commercialise their inventions in fields such as healthcare and sustainability.

  • A man knelt next to bike in front of a brick wall

    Project Flock

    A bike light that illuminates the riders' moving legs to promote safety.

  • Throat cancer patient with voice-restoring technology


    Voice-restoring wearable device for throat cancer patients.

  • A man holding up-cycled, transparent, green panel


    Electricity-generating panels made from up-cycled crop waste.

  • Boat out at sea with the Cloud of sea device hanging over the edge

    Cloud of sea

    A product that helps humankind to clean the micro-plastics present in the sea.