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The art of colour this season with Dyson’s Blue Blush hues

This festive season, Dyson introduces a Blue Blush limited colour edition to its hair care range. An electrifying Ultra-Blue contrasts a pastel Blush Pink, an exploration of colour innovation and experimentation by Dyson’s Colour, Materials and Finishes (CMF) designers.

Colour tells a story

Dyson machines have never shied away from colour. Colour has been a way to communicate and highlight a certain performance attribute across our full range of technologies and Dyson continues to evolve what is expected. From the way products are designed, to how they are built.

Achieving an ultra-matte finish

Whilst we have developed satin and metallic finishes in our hair care range, we are constantly looking for opportunities to improve our product performance – even in the smallest details. Matte finishes are unusual in the consumer electronics world as it is traditionally more of an interiors finish seen in paint, countertops, and fabrics.

But achieving this colourway came with challenges. Ultra-blue was a tricky colour to produce due to its vividness – that level of brightness and vibrance at a production level was not easy to consistently replicate. The Materials Engineering team worked hard to get it to production, navigating the technical challenges of achieving the saturation of the blue. Besides the colour, its ultra-matte finish created higher surface friction which marks more easily. We had to figure out how such a rich and vibrant blue with a matte finish could be resistant to heavy use, and not be susceptible to marks or scratches.

"Dyson machines have never shied away from colour, we celebrate colour and continue to evolve what is expected. The development of this edition also showcases Dyson CMF designers’ experimentation into finishes as well as colour, with the development of the ‘ceramic’ top coat which challenges conventions of modern luxury design. The bold and technical Blue, complemented by the soft Pink are a perfect Dyson combination, showcasing innovation and beauty in our Hair Care range."
Emma Sheldon, Vice President of CMF Design

Dyson’s first dedicated colours, materials and finishes engineering team was established in 2016, based at our Hullavington Technology Campus, UK. Today, they work with the engineering teams responsible for developing our core technologies across the UK, Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia.

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