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Inside Dyson: Research & Development Labs

At Dyson we go to extraordinary lengths to ensure our machines deliver the best performance in real homes. We run many different tests within our laboratories – some are industry standard, while others are proprietary tests developed by Dyson engineers.

It is common practice for manufacturers to outsource industry tests to third party contractors. But we do things differently. Wherever possible, we keep our new technology within our own spaces from conception to the final design. Testing in-house enables our engineers to experiment with new ideas and discover better engineering solutions. This ultimately allows us to deliver through better cleaning performance.

We also feel some industry standard tests are not representative of how a machine operates in real homes. Having our own in-house labs enables our 6,000-strong engineering team to research, design, build, and test new ideas, quickly. These labs enable us to perform both industry standard tests, to ensure we remain compliant with industry standards, but also develop our own test methods that go above and beyond industry standard tests.

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