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Support for your Dyson Cyclone V10™ stick vacuum

Dyson cyclone V10 variant

Dyson Cyclone V10 Vacuum Cleaner

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Getting started

Play the video. How to set up your machine.

Using your machine

  • Charging and Power Modes

    Charging and power modes

    Learn about the different ways to charge your vacuum.

  • Play the video. How to empty the clear bin.

    Emptying and cleaning the bin

    Learn how to use the 'point and shoot' bin emptying to hygienically empty the bin.

  • Play the video. How to use the tools.

    Using the tools

    See how to use all of the specialised tools that come with your vacuum to remove dirt from all over your home.

  • Play the video. The lights on your machine.

    The lights on your machine

    Learn about the lights on your machine and what to do if they turn on, or start flashing.

  • Play the video. Understanding the power modes.

    Understanding the power modes

    Learn about your machine’s three power modes, and when to use them.

  • Play the video. Setting up the docking station.

    Setting up the docking station

    See how to fit the docking station, and recharge your machine.

Maintaining your machine

Maintaining Your Machine
  • Play the video. How to maintain your Dyson machine.

    Washing the filter

    We recommend washing your filter once a month, for your vacuum to perform at its best. See how to do it quickly and easily.

  • Play the video. Resetting the brush bar.

    Resetting the brush bar

    The brush bar is designed to shut off when jammed. Learn how to remove the debris, and reset the brush bar.

  • Washing the FluffyTM cleaner head

    Washing the Soft Roller cleaner head

    You can wash the roller on your cleaner head. See how to do it.

  • Play the video. Flashing filter light.

    Flashing filter light

    The light flashes intermittently when the filter isn’t fitted correctly, and your machine will stop. See how to refit it, and get your machine running again.

  • Play the video. Checking for blockages.

    Checking for blockages

    If an object becomes lodged, your blockage indicator light will flash, and your machine may stop working. Follow our step-by-step guide to check every part.

The floor tool shown may vary from the product selected but the process remains the same.

Useful tips

  • Close-up of Dyson attachment tools.

    Switch accessories quickly

    The quick-release tools click into place, and release in moments by simply depressing the release switch.

  • Image showing the use of three power modes.

    Three power modes

    Toggle between Suction mode 1 and 2 – and boost mode, for stronger suction. To change modes, simply slide the control back and forth.

  • Image shows how to empty the bin.

    Don’t overfill it

    To maintain suction, keep an eye on the bin and empty it as soon as debris reaches the MAX marker.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, the Dyson Cyclone V10 Dok™ is compatible with all Dyson Cyclone V10™ cordless vacuums.

We recommend that you clean the filter at least once a month. You can find filter maintenance instructions in the machine's User Guide.

No. Don't pick up water or other liquids with your machine.

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